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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Sick Days

It seems like my kids keep taking turn being sick, I feel like this has been a hard winter for us. Nothing serious, but fever and cough, snot and more snot, so sometimes they have to stay home from school... which I am going to dare to say: I love it! Why do I love it? Well, because I get all the cuddles, we get to do some one-on-one activities, like laying down in my bed to read for hours, I get to teach her to cook something new and this time she even got to watch the movie that was made from the book we just finished reading. We get to wear pajamas all day, I get to paint her nails, and cuddle her some more. 
They are growing up right before my eyes and I am trying to hold tight to these little moments, even if they are "stay at home from school because I am sick" kind of moments.


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