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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Our Sweet Australian Labradoodles

Rocco and Bernadette playing tug o' war with a tiny stick.

Bernadette sitting pretty on my crocheted Color Riot Blanket.

Rocco sneaking on my bed.

Little Bernadette wondering when I am going to give her
 a treat in exchange for this photo.

Well, we did it... we got a puppy last April (2020) when Covid lockdowns were super strict and we weren't leaving our house to do anything fun. His name is Rocco and he is a red parti Australian Labradoodle, he is really sweet and very playful and we were so in love with him that this year we decided to get him a play mate. 
I was a little concerned at first, I didn't know how he would act with a new puppy, but I think he was just so excited to have company, that he has been gentle with her since day 1. 
Bernadette is also an Australian Labradoodle, she is an apricot tuxedo and loves to cuddle, the kids are in heaven with the dogs and have been really helpful with walks, letting them out to potty and playing with them.
They are hypoallergenic and really don't shed a whole lot. Trust me, our last dog, a Jack Russel Terrier that passed at 15, a few years ago, used to shed so much that I feel like I still find her fur every once in awhile... LOL
I've created an instagram account for them because I was flooding my personal account with puppy pictures, so if you want to see more pictures of these cuties, you can follow @roccoandbernadette on IG.


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