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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Kids' Washcloth Collection

I've been working on a pretty large project lately, which I can't share any sneak peeks and to change things up a bit, I decided to make these little washcloths since I have a friend that just had a baby, I thought these would make a perfect little gift.

You can find the pattern on ravelry.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Crochet Edge

I am packing my things to go to the CGOA conference in Charleston, SC and realized that once again I don't have enough crocheted wearables! I had promised myself that this year things would be different that I would take the time throughout the year to make things for myself, but guess what? It's time to go again and nothing has changed...  LOL
Pressure makes me thrive, so this past week I made two crochet necklaces and a top from one of Doris Chan's patterns since I'll be attending the hall of fame ceremony where she will be honored.
I also decided to crochet an edge around a linen top I bought at Target, simple, easy and very quick. While I was doing it, I took a little video for you to see, I took the sound off because my 8 year old was reading a chapter book to me and I don't really think you want to hear the story of Captain Toad. 
For this project, I used size 10 mercerized cotton thread and a size 10 steel hook. Enjoy!


Sunday, July 10, 2016

July Adventures

Although it doesn't really feel like Summer yet due to the temperature being in the 60's lately, we have been enjoying July so very much. I love exploring new places, finding new things to do, in all honesty I go a little stir crazy being home all the time, so we try to do at least a small outing everyday. 
I am so lucky to have a very handy husband, he built a little neighborhood library and installed it in front of our house so all the kids in our neighborhood can exchange books whenever they want, they bring an used book and take one home, it is fun and I feel like we always have something new to read.
We have been working on our front and back yard for awhile, it was a hot mess, so my husband cleaned everything up and we are starting it back from scratch, which means we have been paying visits to local nurseries and what fun it was to find a hobbit house at one of the nurseries we visited, the kids loved it so much that it was hard to bring them back home!
We also visited a local winery on our date night and how fun it was to go check out the vines and walk around the beautiful grounds. 
Last but not least, we went to the lavender festival and had a blast eating lavender/lemon ice cream, painting our nails lavender color, listening to live music, etc.
Oh Summer, we love you! 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Yellowstone National Park

(Buffalo fur)

(Yellowstone Canyon)

(Emerald Spring)

(Steamboat Geyser)

(Steamboat Geyser)

(Porcelain Basin)

(Porcelain Basin)

(Old Faithful)

(Lake Yellowstone)

(Lake Yellowstone)

It's definitely Summer, the kids are out of school and we went on our first trip to Yellowstone National Park and it did not disappoint. We didn't see as many animals in the park, but we saw bears, elks and deers on our drive to the park in Montana.
The geysers were fantastic, the colors of the landscape were marvelous, almost made me drool.
We rented a RV for the trip and I am glad we did, I don't know how we would have managed to get there if we didn't have a bathroom on board. LOL
I brought a bag full of yarn to crochet, but ended up not even touching it, there was just so much to see that I wasn't able to focus, which is okay, Yellowstone was well worth it!
What are your Summer plans??

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A couple of days ago I felt the urge to create this wall hanging. I grabbed the yarn, my pencils & paper to make a sketch of my design and then I went for it and started crocheting. My yarn of choice was Big Twist, I just love the bright & bold colors. 
I was in a frenzy, it was like reading a good book that you don't want to put down. The next day, I went on the woods behind my house and found the perfect stick and now my wall hanging is part of my home and I love it!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring Break

The kids had the week off from school for Spring Break. On Monday we went to Penrose Point State Park to enjoy the beautiful weather, the kids were exploring the beach to find sea creatures. On Tuesday we went to our little town's museum in the morning and to a playground in the afternoon. On Wednesday I felt like I was getting hit by a cold, so we just played in our neighborhood with spray chalk and bubble wands. Sure enough, on Thursday I felt like poop... (lol) I was feeling like a truck hit me, so the only entertainment I provided for the kids was a volcano experiment that we had started  on a few days before. On Friday I felt much better and took the kids to Washington State History Museum and we also had friends over for dinner. On Saturday I was determined that it would be the day to teach my son to ride a bike without training wheels and to my surprise it did work like that, he was just ready and now that is all he wants to do. Life is good, I feel so blessed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Amazing Bag

The Amazing Bag is my newest crochet pattern, it's a roomy bag, I tend to make things the way I like to use. I have kids, so my bag is always full.
The yarn I used is called Amazing by Lion Brand and to give it a contrast, I used Fisherman's Wool (oatmeal) for the lighter colored bag and Baby Alpaca (black) for the darker colored bag.
The pattern is now available, just click HERE.

Happy Crocheting!
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