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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Aurora Scarf

Recently I received some product pictures from Jennifer Tibbetts Photography and I just couldn't pick only one picture to share, I am in love with these shots of my Aurora Scarf.
I was at the yarn store one day and saw the colorful yarn, I immediately knew I needed to buy it and create a design with it. I decided to go with black to balance and make the colors pop, then I sat down with my paper and started drawing my graph, counting my stitches and just crocheting away.
What do you think?
You can find the pattern in all my shops. [website] [ravelry] [etsy] [craftsy]

Happy Crocheting!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Muffin time!

My sweet pea loves helping me in the kitchen, every day when I start cooking either dinner, lunch or whatever, she runs and gets the step stool and asks what she can do to help. It's super adorable and although most of the times it takes me longer to get anything done, I still love it.

I took these picture the other day, we were making blueberry muffins to lighten up our day, she had to stay home that day from school and wasn't too thrilled about that. I have fond memories of my mom baking cakes and letting me lick the spatula, so I hope my kids have some good memories about the simple things like this, too.

By the way, I used this recipe minus the turbinado sugar.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Garter Stitch Coffee Sleeve - Free Crochet Pattern

- Worsted Weight Yarn (I used cotton)
- Crochet Hook US Size G6/4.00mm
- Scissors
- Yarn Needle

Chain 32, slip stitch onto the first chain made to form a ring. Make sure it fits around your coffee cup.

Slip stitch on each stitch around working on the back loops only throughout the whole project (do NOT join) until your coffee sleeve measures about 2.5 inches. 

With your yarn needle, weave in loose ends.

This is what the "right side" of your project looks like, but when you turn it inside out, it looks like a knitted garter stitch (first picture of this post). Awesome, right?!

Happy Crocheting!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


(Help my tomy hrts = Help, my tummy hurts)

 It has been rough week for the Just Be Happy household. The kids both got a stomach bug and it has been brutal. Little man got sick on Thursday night and was up until 4 AM puking his guts out, my sweet pea got the bug the next night. What a sad sight for me, when my kids get sick, I always wish I could take away their pain, it just breaks my heart. If you're a parent, I am sure you get what I am talking about.

In the midst of all of that, I noticed love though and compassion. My sweet pea drew a card for her brother and even used her favorite band-aid, she also brought toys and put them on the couch to comfort her brother, it was really the most adorable thing.

Today we are just hanging out at home, staying away from everyone and hoping tomorrow is a brand new day. Cheers!

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