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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Switchback Throw

I thought I would start highlighting the projects I created for Modern Tapestry Crochet here, so you can here a little about where my inspiration came from.

This is the Switchback Throw, made in black and white worsted weight yarn, it's a timeless design.

Drawing the graph for this design was a real challenge, I was having the hardest time getting the "waves" to line correctly, it was frustrating and I lost it. My husband saw my desperation and told me to go get some air, he sat down with the graph paper and drew it for me!

The inspiration for this design came from the picture you see below, that is my mom in the late 60's on the famous Copacabana sidewalk in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the behind the scenes. Cheers!


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